Hey, I’m Kiera — an accidental freelancer and all-round northern gal.

As an independent designer I take two approaches to freelancing — embedded within a team and the everyday life of your business or riding solo as a consultant helping you to build your brand.

My aim is to help new ideas emerge and make room for existing ones to grow — supporting businesses to communicate their vision better.

If you’re looking for someone who approaches everything they do with curiosity and generally just likes having fun while making good design happen, then I think we would work well together.

I pride myself on being a bit of a go-getter that makes things happen with a healthy dose of "oh fuck it, let's just give it a try."

As an INFJ I value a sense of community and purpose-driven ideas.

I’m always exploring new things so during my studies I decided to learn a new skill and joined a bookbinding class — I later went on to win 'Best Handmade Hardbound Book' award at the degree show.

My first role straight out of university involved dressing shop windows and an inflatable T-Rex costume.

Here's a peek at my bookshelf.

My go-to Spotify playlist.

And a little window into my life.